Drone Wedding Photography

Drone wedding photography is a relatively new direction that allows you to take truly impressive shots even of such an important event as the creation of a new family. If you are not yet sure if you need drone shooting of your celebration, let’s take a look at the features of this service that you need to consider.

drone wedding photography
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Before thinking about the beauty and depth of aerial photography, think safety first. This is important when working in a crowded environment as drones are mini-helicopters with cameras that can pose a serious threat.

If your drone operator is not well trained and experienced, the device may well harm you and your guests. We are sure that you don’t want this on your wedding day, so instead of hiring private operators, contact an agency that will provide the services of highly qualified specialists and real security.


Each operator must have a personal property insurance, as well as civil liability insurance when working with a drone. In the case of an incident, if someone is injured or the device itself is damaged, the photographer will get compensation and be able to pay the amount of damage to that person. Therefore, just in case, ask for an insurance policy from your aerial photographer.

drone for wedding photography


It is not so difficult to choose a person for high-quality aerial photography of such an important event as a wedding. Use the same criteria as for a land photographer, because you want the same result – exquisite and thoughtful shots taken by a specialist.

Besides, drones offer a truly new class of memories. They are able to cover a larger space, use modern methods of recording events and choose such angles that are not available down below.


In the right hands, drones are an excellent mirror of creativity and an indicator of professionalism. For example, you can come up with a flash mob for shooting from a height, create a beautiful perspective with a background for vows and leaving the church, implement story shooting, and much more. The contrast of the magnificent landscape and the happy newlyweds, which is often used for aerial photography, looks especially advantageous.


Drones are designed to work outdoors and in various atmospheric conditions. However, they are still electronics, which are vulnerable to heavy rain and can rarely withstand heavy winds. Therefore, if this is the weather on your wedding day, you will have to refuse aerial photos.

But there is also positive information – cold weather does not interfere with making photos. Most drones have protected batteries, and professional operators use special heaters before flying. In addition, the device generates its own heat while discharging, this allows it to resist the cold.

Also, low temperature allows it not only to fly longer, but also better. Cool air is denser than the warm one, which means the drone is more efficient and uses less battery power. However, if you do shoot outdoors in cold weather, your guests are unlikely to endure it long enough.


Drone for wedding photography should give you a sense of globality and volume, so close-ups won’t do. Leave them to ground photographers, because the use of mini-helicopters is not only accompanied by an unpleasant sound and unwanted presence of equipment, but also simply unsafe for your guests.




Just one wrong move can lead to a collision with the drone and damage to its blades. Therefore, it is better to ask for a large-scale photo at a sufficient distance, for example, a walk after the ceremony or a car leaving for the honeymoon location.




Taking into account the peculiarities of drone wedding filming, it is better to choose private photographers after a long and careful selection. The perfect option is to attract a trusted and reliable agency, which will not only provide a professional team of operators, but also fix all the conditions at the official level. It will give you peace of mind on your big day and provide great results – memories for the rest of your life.