Do you want gorgeous engagement photography in Tampa? Then we have a unique offer for you - work with the experienced operators at our company! Contact us when you start planning your celebration. After all, if you do not book the photo shoot in advance, you may be faced with difficulties in the form of a lack of time from the operators. Consultants will help you decide which wedding photography will be perfect for you. They will offer you a portfolio of photos from weddings where our operators have worked. Choose the right locations for your shoot and the operator will tell you how to turn out well in your photos.
memories that last fomaking


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memories that last fomaking


The wedding videography is just as important. It is radically different from the videos you shoot at any point in your life. A videographer will turn your shoot into a quality movie in which you are the main character. Tender and romantic shots with pleasant music can be viewed over and over again. You were so happy in those moments.

The first meeting of the bride and groom in beautiful outfits and the wedding ceremony are moments that will be captured by the wedding videographer Tampa. He will capture the emotions of the guests and the tender glances of the young couple at each other. Book videography with us and you'll get the best video that your children and grandkids will watch.

Spend cozy family evenings revisiting wedding shots and remembering the best moments. Invite your friends over and make the time even more fun!


An experienced wedding photographer in Tampa (Florida) will make the photoshoot easy and relaxed. Enjoy your celebration while our cameramen will work. The operator will make especially tender and touching photos during a reunion with loved ones you haven't seen for a long time. They cover considerable distances to get to your celebration. Therefore, wedding photography with them will be the most important. The cost of wedding photographers in Tampa FL in our price list. A loyal pricing policy is the best offer for a young couple. Newlyweds can count on excellent conditions and pleasant communication with us. You will also discuss the number of hours our Tampa engagement photographer will work. Usually, the shoot is done throughout the day in order not to miss a single moment.



You can get married at the Tampa Garden Club. This is the most popular place where many couples tend to get married. The picturesque scenery and stylish decorations will make your day even more enjoyable.

A fountain in the middle of the lake, a beautiful castle, and a neatly trimmed golf course are all waiting for you at Tampa Palms Golf and Country Club.

And if you want to relax by the pool during an event and enjoy a glass of champagne, head to the DoubleTree by Hilton Tampa Rocky Point Waterfront. Wonderful and tender photos at The Westin Tampa Bay will delight every couple. The cameramen will help you choose the best angles and take a few pictures when you wouldn't know it. The perfect scrapbook of memorable photos is guaranteed. Enjoy every moment of your celebration!


Here are the most frequently asked questions we have about my photographers packages, take a minute to read all the listings and feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!

Posponed weddings:

Things happen and thats ok. No rescheduling fees if you decide to postpone your wedding date. Your location doesn’t have to be the same! We would just need to make sure your new date is available in our calendar and highly suggest to send us a few potential dates.

We also can work on using your deposit for engagement session if you decide not to have the wedding. We will work with every couple case by

However we do have no refund policy in case of wedding cancelation!

No downgrading:

We cant downgrade the package, we consider this as a partial cancelation.

We really do like to prepare for this ahead of time so our team can be ready for the day with everything they need. You can add during the wedding, if needed. Our client service team will go over more of that in detail though!

Our vendors are told to wear all black. This is basic in the industry.

Please! It’s in our Terms of Service to provide a vendor meal. They will eat when you all are eating to ensure they do not miss anything.

We do! We can have the COI (Certificate of Insurance) written to the venue’s name and send it to you or directly to the Catering Manager. Just let
us know which way works best.

During the ceremony there will be one stationary camera on you while the videographer moves about as much as the venue allows.

Yes, any of our photography packages includes ALL photographs plus the edited ones. These are provided via links.

You are welcome to add extra hours but it is best to plan for that ahead of time to ensure your needs are met and you get those. It’s $199 per additional hour per shooter and $399 per additional hour per team.


For an 8 hour package, 30 minutes allows us to provide the best footage from the day. We can request up to 45 minutes depending on the footage.

If they are adding significant amount of minutes, we will have to arrange an up-charge.

The more hours you have of coverage plus additional shooters, we can then make this film longer easier.

Livestream is only for the ceremony and not more than 1 hour, it is filmed on the Smartphone/Iphone or Ipad.

You will get the zoom link with the code 1 week before the wedding, you can share the link with anybody you want they don’t need to download
anything to watch the ceremony, just the link.

Livestream is available when booking our Luxe or Majestic Collection. It is not available with packages including 1 shooter. Upgrade option is available and livestream included complimentary when upgrading.

We will do our best to fly the drone the day of your wedding. Sometimes there will be breaks in the rain. If there is not a break during your wedding day, we will come back on a sunny day to capture your venue and surrounding area to include in your wedding videos.

Or we can apply that toward products in our store.

Throughout the day our videographer will be taking short clips anywhere between 20/30 seconds long for best quality footage. Ceremony and toast during reception are full recorded with audio. Total files size are anywhere between 50-150Gb depending on booked hours of coverage. Please note wedding length is also depends on the amount of taken footage. Exact minutes could vary and are not exact. We always do our best to capture and deliver more footage then listed in your package.

Hard cover album:

If you have our album after getting your photos please choose up to 100 photos and send us the numbers in PDF file and the address you want us to ship it to.

The day of the wedding:

Our team always come together at the same time. Since the shooters are working together, we can’t split them in between 2 different locations (for example if the getting ready locations are different). What we can suggest is have them arrive a bit earlier. We can definitely add the time to your package.

Of course we can travel between the locations, the time travel just will count as “regular working time”.

The time frame for editing:

It takes about 4-5 weeks for the editing to be done photos or videos (counting after the wedding day or after you submit our pre-edit form. whichever is the latest). You do not have a deadline to submit pre-edit form, but this will just means you would have to wait longer for the videos.

You will get all of the RAW footage at the same time with the edited photos/videos. After you receive your photos and you want to add few more to the edited album please send us a complete list with the numbers of raw photos in PDF.

After you receive the videos you have 1 free revision that you need to submit within 30 days counting from the day we send you the videos. Whatever changes you want to have please make a list in PDF for video highlights and full video together, specifying what changes is for which video.

If you wait longer that 30 days, we would love to make changes after this period but there will be a charge of $100 per hour of our editors and we would let you know the total price after evaluating the time they would need to make the changes. So please, don’t wait longer than 30 days:)

Absolutely! The video decisions are all yours. You will get a Pre-Edit Form prior to your wedding that will prompt you to give us the right direction.

How can I pick my own music? Aren’t there copyrights to that?

We do allow you to select your music. While there are copyrights, you are using the videos for personal use. We have not seen any issues arise.

With 2 photographers you will receive 2000+ RAW images, approximately 800 of those edited

Team assignment:

We assign teams 4/5 weeks before the Big Day. In our experience it’s the optimal time to avoid changes that may occur.

We will provide you with your shooters information and you can reach out to them and have a chat on the phone (we don’t do meeting in person nor video calls and let me explain why below).

Im your shooters coordinator so all the questions you have about the way we film/take photos you can ask me 🙂 I would love to have a call with you we can schedule it, just email me questions you have so I can have all of the answers ready for you!

Let me explain a little our work process:
Although all of our shooters have their own style and personal preference of shooting and editing, when they work with us on the weddings they have requirement for the equipment and a guideline shot list they must follow (its very specific and detailed) and they do not handle the editing process of the photos/videos. We have 1 team of editors – this is how we get our unique editing style every single time.

What we need from you:

  1. Timeline – super important for us to have it as soon as you finalize it (and now send us your preliminary one). It doesn’t have to be very detailed just general course of events, but we need it to make sure we capture all important moments, and we know the time we come and leave.
  2. 3 locations of the
    • getting ready of the bride and the groom
    • ceremony
    • reception
  3. Shot list (Im attaching one in PDF) Take a look at it feel free to add stuff and to scratch out whatever you wont need. Please, let us know if you have any special ritual/ceremony. Also you can provide to us the list with names of the guests you absolutely want to have photos with. For example: your favorite aunt is coming from another state.
  4. This one is after the wedding – our pre-edit form (for those who have videography in the package). I will send you a separate email after the wedding again, but you can take a look at it now. We really do need 2-3 songs for your highlights and 5-6 for your full video, it will help our editing team to do the best work they can 🙂
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