Florida | Tori & John
May 1, 2023

In the enchanting tale of Tori & John's wedding, the bride graced the occasion in a breathtaking gown, holding an incredible bouquet adorned with a mix of white and red flowers, intertwined with lush eucalyptus branches. The video, a testament to their unforgettable day, artfully captured the essence of their love, creating timeless memories against the backdrop of the picturesque venue. As they stood near the rotunda, embraced by the serenity of nature, the frame became a poignant snapshot of their journey together. Wishing Tori and John a lifetime filled with the same love and joy that radiated on their special day.

Celebrate the love story of Tori & John at Benvenuto, a historic gem nestled in Boynton Beach, Florida. This 1929 Mizner-inspired venue is adorned with captivating gardens and Tuscan architecture, creating a timeless backdrop for weddings. With 38 years of expertise, Benvenuto has become Palm Beach County’s premier catering and banquet destination. Whether under the stars or within flexible indoor spaces, the couple enjoyed an intimate celebration guided by Benvenuto’s exceptional staff and wedding concierge. From the romantic outdoor courtyard to the cozy fireplace room, each space tailored to perfection, Benvenuto is synonymous with excellence in service, culinary artistry, and impeccable presentation.