Florida | Hannah & Jake
May 30, 2021

The recently united couple, Hannah and Jake, crafted their love story in a heartfelt ceremony. A perceptive videographer adeptly captured the ambiance of the event, directing the lens not solely towards the intimate moments shared between Hannah and Jake but also towards the authentic sentiments expressed by their well-wishing guests. Every aspect, from Hannah's otherworldly bridal gown to the wedding bands symbolizing a future brimming with enduring happiness, found its place in the visual storyline.

Hannah & Jake celebrated their love story at Breakers West Country Club, turning their special day into a memorable experience. Surrounded by the lush landscapes of a 670-acre wildlife sanctuary, their wedding video captured the essence of exclusive Club life. The genuine, personalized service and world-class amenities of Breakers West provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding, ensuring it became a cherished memory in the tapestry of their love story.