Florida | Anna & Marius

January 31, 2021

Amidst the captivating scenery of Florida, Anna and Marius recently initiated their odyssey of everlasting love. Opting for a tranquil backdrop, they shared vows in a ceremony that was beautifully captured in a video, revealing the core of their profound connection. A talented videographer skillfully documented every detail, from the gentle flow of Anna's bridal gown to the gleam of their wedding rings — a splendid pledge of a shared lifetime. Each captured moment in the video resonated with the unadulterated happiness emanating from the couple, weaving a visual narrative of a love that transcends any limitations.

In the enchanting embrace of The Ancient Spanish Monastery, Anna & Marius wove the tapestry of their love. Within the timeless halls of three unique chapels — the grand Main Chapel, the intimate Chapter House, and the secluded French Altar — they found the perfect setting for their vows. Amidst the sprawling 20-acre gardens, where rare palms and ancient trees whispered tales of history, the couple celebrated their union in nature’s grandeur. The Loggia, Prayer Well, Banyan Tree, Saviour Garden, and St. John Garden offered picturesque outdoor spaces for their love story to unfold.