Florida | Andrea & Evan

January 14, 2022

Andrea and Evan celebrated their beautiful wedding at Howey Mansion, a historic Florida venue that offers a captivating and romantic atmosphere for couples. The photographer skillfully documented the poignant moments of the ceremony, capturing the genuine emotions of the joyous bride and groom. Andrea adorned herself in an elegant dress featuring open shoulders and a long train. The meticulous curls, accompanied by a braided transparent veil, perfectly complemented her overall look. The photograph encapsulated the guests, frozen in anticipation as Andrea and Evan's hearts intertwined in union.

Florida proves to be an excellent wedding destination, offering exquisite restaurants with delectable cuisine and picturesque landscapes ideal for capturing memorable moments in the wedding album. Andrea + Evan opted for The Howey Mansion, a charming estate featuring antique furniture and decor elements. The stone staircase with wrought iron railings, a fireplace, and a spacious ballroom fulfills every girl’s dream of a wedding venue. The estate immediately captivates with its enchanting atmosphere. The surrounding grounds unveil beautiful scenery, providing a delightful view for the newlyweds and their guests to enjoy.