California | Bhavyesh & Neha
December 30, 2022

Bhavyesh and Neha chose a captivating location in California for their wedding ceremony. They entrusted the filming to professionals because not a single detail should be left out of the frame. An Indian wedding is a special moment, and people adhere to traditions, even in the smallest details. It is important how beautifully the bride is dressed before the wedding; wearing a saree, gifted by the groom's parents, holds special significance. And the mehendi on the girl's body symbolizes the love of two hearts. The newlyweds were able to realize their plans and organize a lavish wedding while observing rituals.

The San Mateo Marriott serves as an ideal venue for hosting an Indian wedding, allowing people to partake in the rich customs and traditions. Situated in San Mateo, California, this location played a pivotal role in bringing Bhavyesh + Neha’s vision to life, with the assistance of dedicated staff at every stage of the planning process. The houses, gazebos, and picturesque surroundings were adorned with flowers, ribbons, candles, and all the essential elements. The meticulous arrangements were made to ensure that the sacred bonds of marriage would unite the couple for a lifetime, allowing them to celebrate their dream day in high spirits.